Jun 26, 2013

Teaser 1: Mia-chan

Hi again!! yep i'm here again... well i have more news!
I’ll start to work in one comic… i’ll do on the weekends… so… soon you will know more about this project ♥
Thanks to Bludgeon for helping me with the title♥
well here the first pic!!

Character and ART by me

NatysART ♥ 2013


Jun 10, 2013


hi!! well i'm here again... with some news... i have a Tumblr. and there i upload all things draws, news etc... I'll tell you the truth ... i'm a little lazy hahah and really I forget upload in this blog... i'm very bad blogger hahah

really i have alot things for upload but in tumlbr. is better to me... so this blog will be only a connexion of all my gallery and future gallery.... so you can find me easy in internet♥

well here my TUMBLR  (only Original art, tutorials, collabs, trades... etc)

and of course my others galley;

 FURAFFINITY  The most actualized (commisions, furry art, etc..)
DEVIANTART  Mature and General art
HENTAI-FOUNDRI Adult art, furry and human (commissions and original art)
INKBUNNY Adult art, only furry


YOUTUBE furry videos, speed painting, amv, etc (do not update much)

... yeah i know... was a wtf! for me... well thanks for all... and i see you in my Tumblr!!