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May 30, 2015

Wow 2 years ...

Well i need up this website... tomorrow ill upload alot of new pics ... sorry for this long break in this blog... but I need a place when you can find me any time. .. thanks for the support♡

Jul 1, 2013

Teaser 2: Ca-chan

Well I continue making the comic,… and here another character “Ca-chan"

Character and ART by me
NatysART ♥ 2013


Jun 26, 2013

Teaser 1: Mia-chan

Hi again!! yep i'm here again... well i have more news!
I’ll start to work in one comic… i’ll do on the weekends… so… soon you will know more about this project ♥
Thanks to Bludgeon for helping me with the title♥
well here the first pic!!

Character and ART by me

NatysART ♥ 2013


Jun 10, 2013


hi!! well i'm here again... with some news... i have a Tumblr. and there i upload all things draws, news etc... I'll tell you the truth ... i'm a little lazy hahah and really I forget upload in this blog... i'm very bad blogger hahah

really i have alot things for upload but in tumlbr. is better to me... so this blog will be only a connexion of all my gallery and future gallery.... so you can find me easy in internet♥

well here my TUMBLR  (only Original art, tutorials, collabs, trades... etc)

and of course my others galley;

 FURAFFINITY  The most actualized (commisions, furry art, etc..)
DEVIANTART  Mature and General art
HENTAI-FOUNDRI Adult art, furry and human (commissions and original art)
INKBUNNY Adult art, only furry


YOUTUBE furry videos, speed painting, amv, etc (do not update much)
LIVESTREAM (livestream videos, only art, mature, adult and general)

aaand others gallerys i found... 

... yeah i know... was a wtf! for me... well thanks for all... and i see you in my Tumblr!!


Oct 23, 2012

NatysART wallpaper Chans

Well... so time ago i see this video...

I love the clothes the music all.... and have a idea... to make some of my characters in that clothes.... this pic is only a sketch and a fast paint... I hope you like it♥

this picture comes with a phrase ... how i feel when see this pic..... sorry for my bad writing ><

"The life make me WILD, The love STRONG...
My family give me HAPPINESS, The obstacles of life a COLD MIND...
and my condition of woman, SEDUCTION and MYSTERY...
so... thanks for that ♥ "

NatysART 2012♥