Jul 7, 2011


I'm official artist in http://www.sherlylabs.com/  this site have...Cub, Adult, Rape, Incest, Cute, Bondage, and more... 
and i make it some proyects....

you can see free pics and free comics... and you can buy others... now i make it a portfolio... and is for sale on Sherlylabs.com...

The name is Sherly's Fan Cam.... "Sherly's Fan Cam is a porfolio of 8 pages Full color!!. Where Sherly took a camera and started recording some girls to make a web site. Guys joined to chat and see what was going on and have some fun. At the end you could guess what happens with Sherly since she can't just be left alone, right? ;3
You will find here to Sherly, Eli, Rika, Nina, Bludgeon, Felicia, Sage and Naomi..."


You can Buy this Portfolio here--->  http://www.sherlylabs.com/#!__sherlys-lab/sherlys-fan-cam
ONLY $7 DOLLARS!!! (Via paypal)


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